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The Strutter Story

No two words can set a parent (or grandparent) on edge more than those muttered by my then 12-year old grandson, Jon, one Sunday afternoon a few years ago. "I'm bored." Bored, I thought? With all life has to offer, he was bored? I started asking him what he liked to do - what was he passionate about. This got my creative juices flowing - I thought, "We need a way to show what we love to do." I asked Jon to help me design a character that could help "show off" his interests - to help him "strut his stuff."

We got the other grandchildren, Drew, Gabby, Simon, Nicholas, Bella, and their cousins Ashley, Alex and Alston, to all give their input into developing a character with a fun personality who could do anything, and would appeal to every age group. The result was Strutter - an all-around great guy who lets everyone know just what you are into!

Strutter represents anyone who is proud of their sport, occupation, or favorite pastime. Anyone can "strut his stuff" while wearing a Strutter tee! Strutter lets sports nuts connect, youth groups give a consistent message, and individuals to brag about their favorite hobbies.

From that simple idea, conceived on a Sunday afternoon in October, 2009, Strutter Tees was born. Strutter is a family owned and operated business. Our passion is celebrating life. Strutter lets you join in and celebrate your particular passion. We offer high quality tees at an affordable price. We are committed 100% to providing not only the best product, but unsurpassed customer service and satisfaction.

Celebrate You!